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Patented feedback

Like any repetitive motion, your brain has a unique script it recites to perform your golf swing, and deWiz's biofeedback alerts your brain immediately when that motion goes off script. Your brain can calculate this precise feedback exponentially faster to modify your golf swing's script, minimizing bad habits and accelerating your pace of learning.

The result - less guesswork and more consistency.


See how deWiz is made

deWiz™ is the product of nearly six years and countless hours of design, trials, and research. When Chief Technology Officer Markus Westerberg brought the initial concept of deWiz™ to Svep Design Center in 2017, the response was simple: "the idea is impossible."

That's why we're offering you the deWiz.

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We love this product, and we know you will too. That's why we're offering you the opportunity to try deWiz for 30 days. And if it doesn't suit you - get your money back with a free return, no questions asked.

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