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Hit it Longer

deWiz measures and helps you improve two key data points that will add distance to your game: Length of Backswing, and Start-to-Impact Time. Work on these deWiz data points and you’ll see a difference off the tee.

Length of backswing

One of the pioneering swing data points deWiz seamlessly delivers with each swing is Length of Backswing.

Once you benchmark what your typical LOB is for a full swing, you can then work on increasing that measurement, which will help you generate more club head speed and ultimately more distance.

Great tempo: start-to-impact time

deWiz measures five key Tempo data points, including Start-to-Impact time, which measures how fast you swing from takeaway to impact.  Being able to measure all of your tempo numbers is a competitive edge with the ease of deWiz.

3 steps for longer shots

Learn your numbers

Without deWiz, golfers have no reference for what their actual Length of Backswing is. Being able to easily measure this swing data is another unique advantage deWiz provides users.

Go to Length of Backswing mode under Practice & Learn within the deWiz app.

Take approximately 5 full swings.

Benchmark the average measurement of your Length of Backswing.

Now you know the base numbers for your full swing and you can start deliberate practice without the guesswork.

Deliberate practice

Once you understand your typical Length of Backswing distance you can start deliberate practice.

Take 10 more swings where you try to extend your Length of Backswing 2-4 inches/5-10 cm to hit the ball further.

Take 5 more swings where you try to extend your Length of Backswing as much as you can.

Set your practice goals with a backswing 2-4 in/5-10 cm longer than your current benchmark. Now it's time to turn on the Learning Stimuli to up the effectiveness of your practice session.

Learn faster with learning stimuli

To optimize your practice deWiz has developed the patented Learning Stimuli. Grounded in neuroscience and more than six years of research, it is developed to give a slight electric pulse when you break your preset parameters.

Under Practice Goals, set your desired Minimum Backswing Length and turn the Maximum Backswing Length to Off.

Enable the Learning Stimuli.

Now when you swing shorter than the minimum distance you set, deWiz will deliver instantaneous feedback via a slight electric pulse.

Continue taking swings until you consistently have extended your backswing length and no longer receive the Learning Stimuli feedback.

This will help your brain rescript your motor learning of your golf swing, accelerating your learning process through neuroscience, not guesswork.

Tips from Markus Westerberg

Go in depth with cofounder Markus Westerberg on how to hit it longer using deWiz. Markus will dive deep on how to set your parameters to optimize your deWiz experience.


Quickest way to break bad habits and improve. In a week, added an average 15 yards to my drives by increasing my backswing length. Jason Y.


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