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Fix your slice or hook

deWiz precisely measures your backswing and downswing in 3D, providing an unprecedented understanding of what you actually are doing on each swing via a wearable technology. This input swing data directly corresponds to the output, which can be a dreaded slice and hook. Work on your deWiz Transition and you’ll experience straighter ball flights and a refined ability to hit a consistent draw and/or fade.

Control your transition

To hit the ball straighter, you need to align your swing direction with your target.

Within deWiz, the Transition mode will provide critical swing data to better understand your swing path. deWiz’s Transition measures how far over-the-top or under-the-top your downswing is compared to your backswing plane.

Once you can measure your Transition, you can swing more on plane for a straighter ball trajectory or learn to shape your shots. The result – less guesswork and more consistency.

Cure your slice or hook in 3 steps

Using deWiz Transition, a better understanding of your actual golf swing in real time will lead to more consistently straight ball flights.  Below we will explore how to cure a slice from a right-handed golfer’s perspective. Please reverse the directional advice for a hook fix or left-handed golfers’ approach.

Learn your numbers

Right-handed golfers’ underlying reason for a slice is their swing direction is left, i.e. the club path is coming from the outside at impact.  To address this issue, first you need to benchmark your current deWiz Transition.

Go to Transition mode under Practice & Learn within the deWiz app.

Take approximately 5 full swings.

Benchmark the average measurement of your Transition. The measurement is likely a positive figure if you are coming over-the-top.

Now you know the base numbers for your full swing’s Transition and you can start fixing your slice without the guesswork.

Start Improving

Once you understand your typical Transition measurement, try to cut that figure in half.

For example, if you are typically coming 4 in/10 cm over-the-top, try to swing with a maximum of 2 in/5 cm over-the-top or closer to on plane.

Continue taking swings, trying to stay within your Transition threshold and observing the ball flight.

When you experience a good swing and straighter ball flight, click the button in the middle of the face of your deWiz (behind logo) to record that swing as a favorite.

Later you can analyze your “Favorite” swings to refine your understanding of your optimal swing.

Learn faster with learning stimuli

To optimize your practice deWiz has developed the patented Learning Stimuli. Grounded in neuroscience and more than six years of research, it is developed to give a slight electric pulse when you break your preset parameters.

Under Practice Goals set your Over-The-Top margin to your maximum desired measurement and the Under-The-Top margin to Off.

Enable the Learning Stimuli.

Now if you break your Over-The-Top parameter, deWiz will deliver instantaneous feedback via a slight electric pulse.

Continue taking swings until you consistently are swinging within your Transition parameters and no longer receive the Learning Stimuli feedback.

This will help your brain rescript your motor learning of your golf swing, accelerating your learning process through neuroscience, not guesswork.

Tips from Markus Westerberg

Go in depth with cofounder Markus Westerberg on how to hit it straighter using deWiz. Markus will dive deep on how to set your parameters to optimize your deWiz experience.


After two weeks with deWiz my wifes transition numbers have improved by 70%, resulting in longer and straighter shots Lee B.

United States

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Fix your slice

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