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Tips and Drills:

hit the brakes for more efficiency

Try these two simple drills to increase your Max Hand Speed Distance to Impact number!

"I accelerate! and then i stop."

Like anything in physics, for something to accelerate, that means something else needs to decelerate? The same is true with the golf swing.

The deWiz Distance to Impact measurement indicates where a golfer's hands are moving the fastest in relation to impact of the ball. Our studies show that the optimum range for this Max Hand Speed to occur is around 20 inches from impact. At that point, the hands will slow down through impact, allowing for the club head to accelerate into impact. We call this "hitting the brakes"!

The Drills

1. Address the ball and take your normal full speed swing. The only difference is you want to stop the swing right before hitting the ball. Doing this will force your hands to begin that deceleration into impact.

2. The split-hand drill is another great drill to work on this. The premise is the same, but just using a split-grip and really work on whipping the shaft in the downswing when the club gets parallel to the ground.