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A longer backswing means more time for things to go wrong. With a shorter more  compact backswing, you could minimise the chances of an offline golf shot. Otherwise  known as a ‘Go to Golf Shot’ or ‘Fairway Finder’. This instructional video will help you find  more fairways and shoot lower scores.

What's a "Fairway Finder" or a "Go to Golf Shot"?

High level amateurs and Tour Pros will typically use this golf shot when it’s imperative they find a fairway and keep the ball in play. It could be a small fade, a stinger, or simply a  short but straight golf shot. All generally having one thing in common, a slightly shorter  backswing form more control. 

How to Shorten your Backswing

This drill is simple yet effective. Address the ball as normal, and pull your left foot back by  at least 12 inches. By doing this your hip rotation is now heavily restricted, meaning you  won’t be able to swing the club back as far as you normally would.

Practise this drill on the range with your deWiz and focus on the Length of Backswing  Data Point. Find more fairways on those tee shots that just don’t appeal to you and  ultimately lower your scores. 

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