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deWiz Collaborations:

Complete Golficity Recap

Mike and Frank of the Golficity media brand decided to take their games to the next level with the help of deWiz. We track their progress over a 3-month period, all culminating with a heads-up match between the two in order to see if the results translate to lower scores.

Episode 1

Mike and Frank of Golficity are the hosts of one of the world's top golf podcasts and YouTube channels.

After being introduced to deWiz earlier this year at the PGA Show, the two decided to take their games to the next level! Mike and Frank will be working and documenting their progress with deWiz over the next 90 days, all culminating with a heads up match to cap off the series.

In Episode 1, the two take you through a broad overview of deWiz, and also receive some input from co-founder, Markus Westerberg.

Episode 2

There are many causes for swing faults, but in many cases, it can be boiled down to inconsistent tempo. Our data shows that one of the biggest differentiators between elite players and everyday golfers stems from the speed at which they take the club back.

In Episode 2, Frank works to hone in on his tempo by working on a quicker backswing to maintain a consistent 3:1 Tempo ratio!

Episode 3

We showed you Louis Kelly's "Million Dollar Drill" in a previous Learning Center post, but now let's see it in action.

In Episode 3, Mike, who - like many golfers - has fought the over-the-top Transition his whole life, works with Louis to try and get his swing more on-plane.

Mike had been consistently in the +4 to +5 inch range with his Transition before being introduced to the "Million Dollar Drill". It's important to remember that like any swing change, results take TIME. It won't be immediate, but the important part is that you work your numbers in the right direction. Let's see if it works for Mike!

Episode 4

Louis Kelly is back with Frank to help him dial in his wedge game.

We all know that in order to improve and lower scores we need take advantage of our scoring clubs. However, consistently connecting the feel of a 3/4 swing or a 10 o'clock swing is a difficult task.

Enter Louis Kelly and deWiz. Watch the video to see how fast and efficient Frank is able to connect his very subjective feel of a 3/4 swing to the actual length of backswing and repeat that partial swing, shot after shot.

Episode 5

If you thought we were done with the "Million Dollar Drill"... well think again! Not only is this drill helpful for transitional practice, but here we have Louis showing Mike how to use it to add a little more length and flexibility to the backswing.

If you're looking to add some speed and distance, one of the quickest ways to do this with deWiz is to work on lengthening your backswing. And how do we know we're lengthening our swing? By activating the Learning Stimuli!

Louis walks Mike through the simple process that all deWiz users can do on their own:

1. Find your baseline Length of Backswing.

2. Activate the Learning Stimuli and set your "Minimum Backswing" threshold significantly longer than your baseline. This will force you to really exaggerate that feeling.

3. Eventually you can turn the Learning Stimuli OFF, and you'll find that your Length of Backswing should fall somewhere in the middle of your baseline and the exaggerated threshold!

Episode 6

The culmination of this intensive training series is a thrilling one-on-one match between the two. The underlying theme? The uncertainty that accompanies the transition from practice to play.

One of the central themes of the series is the uncertainty that golfers often face when transitioning from the practice range to the golf course. Mike and Frank grappled with the question that plagues many golfers: Will the improvements made during practice translate into real, measurable progress when I get out on the course?

Find out in the series finale!